Kiswahili Mobility Programme Overview

The East African Community recognizes Kiswahili as an important asset and resource in the integration process and sustainable economic, political and social development of the Community.

The Kiswahili Mobility Programme is an initiative of the East African Kiswahili Commission (EAKC) whose purpose is to support stakeholders involved in the development and use of Kiswahili to share knowledge and experiences through a variety of activities in the region.

The EACK Kiswahili Mobility Programme is part of the Commission’s drive to develop institutional strategies, concrete initiatives and support structures to enhance the process of creating opportunities for highly dynamic partnerships and linkages for nurturing skills and competencies of Kiswahili stakeholders in East Africa.

The Programme brings together Kiswahili stakeholders in order to strengthen joint action to address these and other emerging issues.

The objective of the Kiswahili Mobility Programme is to provide opportunities for Kiswahili stakeholders to interact in a creative and innovative manner so as to establish strategic partnerships, sustainable collaborations and strong and broad co-operation as a means towards the development and use of Kiswahili for regional integration and sustainable development.

More specifically, the Programme sets out to:

  1. Promote the development and use of Kiswahili in the EAC by initiating and increasing the number of individuals and institutions undertaking mobility activities in the region;
  2. Grow and increase the number of Kiswahili stakeholders with regional experience;

The Kiswahili Mobility Programme applies to Kiswahili stakeholders in the EAC. Among the stakeholders targeted in this Programme are:

  1. Individuals engaged in the development and use of Kiswahili in EAC Partner States;
  2. Groups of Kiswahili stakeholders in EAC Partner States;
  3. Institutions dealing with Kiswahili in EAC Partner States;

The administration of the Kiswahili Mobility Programme is the responsibility of the East African Kiswahili Commission in collaboration with participating partners and stakeholders.

The Commission offers opportunities to support innovative initiatives and links by stakeholders who wish to undertake a collaborative activity.

The Commission provides a modest fund for any of the identified priority areas, allocates resources and selects qualified candidates.

The Commission is thereafter in charge of coordinating the linkages and networks and running the projects together with respective partner institutions.

Participants may be entitled to other benefits as may be determined by their institutions.

The duration of the Kiswahili Mobility Programmes often varies, depending on the activities undertaken, however the programmes does not exceed 3 months.

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